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OUR program areas

The Lotus Family Development Center model is based on a holistic perspective of what makes - and keeps - a community healthy. Our center will offer programs, activities, and special events related to four core areas: Food Justice, Holistic Wellness, Family Support, and Community Empowerment.

We are committed to implementing programs using goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound (SMART). Our organization seeks to increase the number of community members reporting healthy rates of being physically active, eating fresh foods, feeling equipped to handle mentally and emotionally trying situations in positive ways, and empowered to dream up and accomplish goals related to education, employment, and the vision they imagine for their community.

Holistic Wellness

Members of underserved and marginalized communities are at increased risk for obesity and chronic diseases, such as diabetes. A number of factors - such as access to healthy foods, quality healthcare, and safe recreational spaces - impact the health of a community. The #TeamFit, Urban Gourmet, and Lotus Cares programs center on classes and services addressing these three factors.

Community Empowerment

Empowered! programming centers on unique workshops and events providing resources, information, and networking on topics that round out the holistic Lotus vision - including community cohesion and revitalization, personal finance, education and training opportunities, entrepreneurship, career opportunities, civic engagement, and community organizing.

Food Justice

Urban communities are often at risk for experiencing food insecurity. Grocery stores can be miles away, creating food deserts, and reliable transportation is often hard to access. Our Back to Our Roots Urban agriCULTURE Initiative centers on the Bloom Urban Farm and Produce Pantry, home gardening workshops, exposure to horticultural and agricultural sciences opportunities and training, and other related programming

Family Support

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and form the foundation of every community. Strong families are essential to building a strong community. The Lotus Family Support program centers on providing families with a variety of support services such as parenting classes, conflict mediation, co-parenting support, and youth development.

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