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holistic wellness programming

Members of marginalized and under-resourced communities are at increased risk for health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. A number of factors - such as access to healthy foods, quality healthcare, and safe recreational spaces - all impact the overall health of a community. And as highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, communities impacted by these disparities in access are among the most vulnerable when large-scale health emergencies occur.

In 2017, 35% of Jefferson County adults were obese, 29% reported no leisure-time physical activity, and even now, the city's rates of heart-, diabetes-, and cancer-related deaths are all higher than the national average. Programming falling under our holistic wellness umbrella aims to support community members in improving their health and that of their loved ones through a diverse offering of wellness programs that place a fun, culturally relevant spin on evidence-based models.

Our Urban Gourmet program will offer cooking classes and demonstrations that pair familiar recipes with healthier, fresh substitutes and introduce participants to new ingredients and dishes steeped in cultural significance that we hope will be added to their list of go-to recipes. This program's activities are closely tied with the Urban agriCULTURE Initiative, both in the incorporation of fresh produce straight from the Lotus urban farm and in the pairing of these activities with the Back to Our Roots home gardening workshops. This pairing will give community members the opportunity to experience the sense of achievement that comes from preparing a meal using ingredients you grew yourself.

The #TeamFit program will offer fun, effective fitness activities to community members of all ages. From Zumba to hip hop to classic aerobics, we'll have something for everyone! Classes for kids and families will be a part of our regular programming - one of the many ways we'll be doing our part to fight childhood obesity. Fit camps will also be offered as special activities throughout the year and will offer a more intense workout for those with more advance fitness goals. In addition to onsite activities, we also plan to support communities in the establishment of walking, running, biking, and skating groups.

The Lotus team is also excited about plans to expand into phase II of our holistic wellness program offerings, Lotus Cares - which will include non-emergent primary care services and group wellness programs for pregnant community members and those managing chronic diseases.

Program Offerings


Urban Gourmet Programming

Healthy Cooking Classes & Demos

Family & Youth Cooking Classes

Dietary Lifestyle Coaching

#TeamFit Programming

Adult Fitness Classes & Boot Camps

Family & Kids' Fit Camps

Kids' Fitness Classes

Lotus Cares

Chronic Disease Management Support

Primary Care Services - Coming Soon!

Group Pregnancy Support - Coming Soon!

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