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community empowerment

In addition to the ongoing programming offered in our three primary focus areas, we also provide information, resources, and services related to other topics and needs that round out the Lotus vision of a holistically healthy Greater Birmingham. Because our organizational model centers on this holistic perspective of what makes - and keeps - a community healthy, we aim to provide assistance with issues that may be outside of our focus areas but directly impact the health and wellness of the communities we aim to serve.

These resources and services may be implemented as workshops, seminars, guest speaker presentations, or other special events. Examples of covered topics include household management for young people moving out on their own for the first time, personal finance and financial literacy, voting and participation in other civic engagement efforts, and educational, career, and entrepreneurial opportunities. The community will also be able to request topics that they feel are most important to their everyday lives.

The Lotus team currently has the following plans for program expansion:

  • A resource connection office providing individualized assistance with matters related to everything from business planning to securing safe, affordable housing

  • Community beautification (as an expansion of the current Lotus Community Clean Up program) and residential property rehabilitation and revitalization projects

  • Regular 'brain trust' meetings during which new community development projects are pitched, discussed, planned, and implemented by members of the Greater Birmingham community

  • Coworking spaces made available for community members with entrepreneurial endeavors

  • Small footprint 'storefront' spaces to house small businesses in need of an alternative to a more traditional commercial real estate option

  • Community gathering spaces made available for community-driven programming in alignment with the Lotus mission

  • Office space for small nonprofit organizations and other community-minded groups that do no yet have the capacity to finance a permanent location of their own

Program Offerings

Financial Literacy Workshops

Civic Engagement Activities

Community Cohesion & Revitalization Support

Entrepreneurship Resources

Career Opportunities & Resources

Community Organizing

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