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community cultivators

The Lotus team is always looking for other community-minded 18-45 year-olds to join us in our work as Community Cultivators to support and empower Black families in the North Birmingham community and in neighborhoods throughout the rest of the city.

Community Cultivators are dedicated volunteers who are passionate about sharing their talents and expertise as they guide our community advisory committee and the community projects each subcommittee takes on each year.

While this group focuses on leadership development opportunities for millennials and older Gen Z'ers, volunteers of all ages are very welcome to join the Cultivators for Community Clean Up Days and our other programming out in the community. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for more information.

Descriptions of the Community Cultivator subcommittees can be found below. No matter what your background or skill set, there's a way for you to work with us to make an impact in Birmingham - just complete this short interest form and we'll be in touch soon!

community wellness committee

Advises and assists Lotus on issues and action items related to health disparities and medical concerns in the community, community health issues, healthy living activities, and wellness support programming

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