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The bloom capital campaign

Would you love to see healthy communities and residents across the Greater Birmingham area? Communities where fresh, healthy food is easily accessible and affordable (or free!), and families are supported and empowered to live their best lives?


We hope you do, and we invite you to join us in working to realize this vision by participating in the Lotus Family Development Center Bloom Capital Campaign. This $250,000 campaign will provide funding to purchase a facility in North Birmingham, renovate the building to house our community programs, and purchase and prepare land plots for our innovative Urban agriCULTURE Initiative and community gardens.


Our family development center promises to bring critical resources and support to our communities and assist our neighbors in living healthier lives. The first Lotus Family Development Center location will offer:

  • Increased access to affordable fresh produce, made possible by our Urban agriCULTURE Initiative that combines cutting edge technology and traditional techniques passed down from our elders

  • Healthy nutrition and cooking classes, incorporating our favorite comfort foods and healthier ingredients

  • Fun fitness classes and boot camps for the entire community - individuals, families, and kids

  • Supportive services and programs for parents and families that facilitate better family cohesion, communication, and guidance for children

  • Special events and workshops that empower community members to improve their quality of life through education, job training & career development, and civic engagement

We can't wait to share our vision and the new location of the Lotus Family Development Center with you and the community!

Thank you in advance for support and partnership!

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